List of Projects And Assignments For All Chapters
Model Projects For All Chapters E.M (48 Pages)
Projects will be updated time to time.keep visiting.

01 Real Numbers
Square root spiral FA1 Project EM
Identifying and Verifying Rational and Irrational Numbers in Daily Life
Project on pi EM
02 Polynomials and Factorisation
Geo proof a²-b²

03 The Elements of Geometry
04 Lines and Angles
Parallel lines and transversal in daily life 
05 Co-ordinate Geometry

Project work 1 TM
Project work 2 TM
06 Linear Equations in Two Variables

07 Triangles
Verifying the congruence rules of triangles for real life objects E.M
Verifying the congruence rules of triangles for real life objects T.M
Relation between sides and angles
08 Quadrilaterals

09 Statistics
Finding Size of Foot Wear E.M
Finding Size of Foot Wear T.M
Statistics in my class TM
Statistics in my class EM
10 Surface Areas and Volumes
Model Project work 1
11 Areas

12 Circles

13 Geometrical Constructions

14 Probability 

15 Proofs in Mathematics

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